Sustainable Development in Africa & Satellites - page 28

Europe and Africa cooperation
This image was captured as day breaks over Africa and the
Northern Hemisphere by the Spinning Enhanced Visible and
Infrared Imager (SEVIRI) instrument on MSG 3, on 21 January
2013. MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) is a joint programme
of ESA and EUMETSAT. ESA is responsible for the development
of satellites fulfilling user and system requirements defined by
EUMETSAT and of the procurement of recurrent satellites on
its behalf. The prime contractor for the MSG satellites is Thales
Alenia Space, with the SEVIRI instrument built by Astrium.
The European nations and EUMETSAT have made the support
of Africa a strategic objective and combine their efforts
with the European Union, the African Union and the World
Meteorological Organization.
EUMETSAT is contributing to GEOSS through the development
of the GEONETCast infrastructure in a number of projects
including the AMESD and MESA projects, developed in
collaboration with the African Regional Economic Communities,
the African Union and the European Commission (EC).
26 - Sustainable Development in Africa & Satellites
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