Sustainable Development in Africa & Satellites - page 29

We are trying to
advanced technologies
for earth observation
and satellite imaging to
obtain data and information
to support our policy making
in various sectors including
environment management and
agriculture. It is noteworthy, though,
that Africa’s gains towards Sustainable
Development are being undermined by
among others climate change and climate
variability as well as the frequent and
intense natural and manmade disasters.
This is, indeed, a global challenge entailing
floods, droughts, erratic weather patterns,
coastal erosion and so on that call for
collective actions and partnerships.
Cognisant of this fact, Africa is duly
engaged in global climate change
negotiations with one unified structure
and one common position advancing
Africa’s interests. The African Union is
also implementing policies, programmes
and projects that promote sustainable
development through advancing climate
smart agriculture, the green economy
and adaptation as well as mitigation
measures. Among the AU key programs
in this regard are AMESD as well as the
ClimDevAfrica, the Great Green Wall for
the Sahara and Sahel and those related
to Disaster Risk Reduction.
The wellbeing of humanity
Africa, with now one billion people, is
facing pressure on its limited resources
including its ecosystems, land, forest,
water and cities, among others. Our
policies and programmes mentioned
above have taken this into account and
recently we launched African Cities
Resilience Programme under Disaster
Risk Reduction to deal with challenges
posed by increased urbanization coupled
with rural urban-migration.
For the African Union, in pursuit of our
mandate based on four pillars, namely
peace and security, regional integration,
institutional capacity building and shared
wide policies, build partnerships, mobilize
resources, and advocate for African
causes. Our preoccupation No.1 is the
wellbeing of humanity and in particular
African citizens. In all this, sustainable
development for the benefit of the present
and future generations is of paramount
H.E. Mrs Tumusiime Rhoda Peace
Commissioner for Rural Economy
and Agriculture at the African Union
 Installation of the AMESD station at BDMS (Botswana Department
of Meteorological Services), Gaborone, Botswana, 2010.
© Telespazio
 Integrated development of an area with villagers. This
Active de Recherche et de Planification Participative
(MARPP, Active
Participative Research and Planning Method) was developed in 1985 in
East Africa.
© E.Kaisin
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