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Franky was fitted with a
GPS collar by BPCT scientists.
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What about human experience?
Local participation is essential in
conservation. We need more local
experts to help study and monitor wildlife
which is why the project employs people
from the neighbouring community. By
getting the local community involved they
start valuing their wildlife resource and
protecting it.
Can your research results be applied for
management and conservation in other
Yes. Understanding the requirements
of each of these species in a natural
system can be used elsewhere as a tool
for planning and management strategies.
This is especially important for small,
protected areas where the species need
to be actively managed. This knowledge
can be useful for instance for parks
management or for countries such
Malawi, Angola and Uganda where
information on cheetah are still scarce.
Some peoplewonder about the necessity
to preserve biodiversity…
Everything has its place in the natural
world. The loss of biodiversity can have
significant economic, environmental
and social consequences. Often without
knowing it, we depend on biodiversity in
terms of food sources, environmental
services and medicine. By removing or
altering key elements of an ecosystem
the natural balance is altered; leading to
long-term and permanent changes that
can be detrimental.
Olefile Sebogiso,
Research Assistant, BPCT
When I was a boy, I enjoyed hunting
antelopes, but then I understood
the importance of preserving
wild life. I graduated in Nature
Conservation and joined BPCT in
2009. I am in charge of an insurance
program aimed at addressing
conflicts between large carnivores
and livestock as well as between
humans and wildlife. People think
it is government responsibility to
keep wild life away from livestock.
Government says: “you don’t keep
your cattle away from predators”.
So I meet farmers and organize
community workshops to try
to reduce these conflicts. The
insurance program will be managed
by the community: participants will
be investors and will confirm or deny
claims by community members. We
hope this will help for conservation
of the rich wildlife of Okavango.
Biodiversity - 71
Olefile Sebogiso organizes
community workshops
addressing conflicts between
humans and wildlife.
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