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Satellites and emergency services
Painting on a tent during a meeting in support of
Darfur. War in this region of Sudan began in 2003
and is still going on. Today, satellite images show
the destruction of villages in Central Darfur. In
2004 an ESA-supported consortium "Respond"
already supplied Earth Observation-derived
maps and other geographical information
products direct to users in the field in Darfur.
Respond made use of ten different sensors from
nine separate spacecrafts, including instruments
on ESA’s ENVISAT satellite.
Respond was the precursor of the Copernicus
Emergency Management Service (EMS). This
set of services, aimed at providing actors in the
management of natural and man-made disasters,
is funded by the European Commission.
Other capabilities include:
- UNOSAT, a technology-intensive programme
delivering imagery analysis and satellite
solutions to relief and development organisations
within and outside the UN system.
- The International Charter Space and Major
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